Pretty Powder (Perfume Thoughts: Wildfox)

375x500.31759A while back, I bought ‘Wildfox’ on a whim because I tried it, and I was in that kind of shopping mood, and thought it was worth the impulse purchase. So of course, the box was left unopened for months before I used the perfume. I know nothing about Wildfox but I have since learned that it is a Los Angeles based clothing line. SO I guess it must be fitting that here I am now, living in Los Angeles, and I am wearing the scent.

It’s been very hot and humid lately, so I wanted something light and fresh to wear. I remember this was a fruity floral so I said, yeah good enough. And the initial burst of peach and apricot is nice enough. The floral part is not as well defined for me. I see in the notes that it is camelia, honeysuckle and jasmine, but I just get a generic floral blend, not unlike a shampoo accord. It’s fine and inoffensive if somewhat boring. It all dries down to a nice powdery floral, and really appropriate on a Summer day like today. I was reading a review of this that compared it to the 90’s scent Coty Exclamation (which I loved) and it is an apt comparison. All in all a nice powdery fruity floral – nothing more and nothing less. It isn’t the worst thing in the world.

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