Bad Cruising (Movie Thoughts: Like Father)

lfNetflix movies: is that really where rom-com will thrive? I checked out ‘Like Father’ because a lot of people have been talking about it – good and bad. I also read that a big part of the film takes place on a cruise ship (Royal Carribean’s Harmony Of The Seas) and I am a ship whore so that’s always interesting to me. Plus – Kristen Bell! She is almost always worth the time.

Sadly, I found very few things to like about the film. It is a rom-com of sorts, but more focused on the relationship between a woman (Bell) and her estranged father (Kelsey Grammer)  This is the kind of movie where you can probably tell everything that’s going to happen within minutes, and you have to enjoy it via the performances. Both Bell and Grammer are pretty good, but for me they don’t save the ship from drowning. Well, not Titanic-style, but still under the water. I found myself bored through most of it, even with the appealing cruise ship scenery. And I was asking out loud, why is Seth Rogan playing a supporting role int his movie. Well, it turns out he is married to the Director, Lauren Miller Rogen. I was going to recommend this movie to family members who also love cruising, but now I don’t know if I will

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