Where Is The Wild? (Music Thoughts: Wild And Free, Jessica Vosk)

51RfjVOLtQLPost ‘Wicked,’ female Broadway singers now usually fall under two categories: the brassy belters (the Elphaba type) or the sassy sopranos (the Galindas)  I am of course generalizing, but I guess this has been true for a while (see Ethel Merman vs Mary Martin)  Jessica Vosk falls under the former, for sure. I mean, she is the current Elphaba on Broadway. ‘Wild and Free’ is her debut album, funded through crowd-sourcing.

The album is *exactly* what I thought it would sound. It’s not really totally show tunes, because she is probably influenced by pop music. But there’s a fair number of show songs there, and they are not bad. I am glad she sang ‘Nobody’s Side,’ from Chess, for example, although in my opinion, her version is good but nothing I haven’t heard before. Her ‘Music That Makes Me Dance’ is competent, but I still hear Idina doing Barbra in her version. I paid attention a little bit more on her medlette of ‘Help/Sondheim’ (The Beatles and Sondheim do not make a bad combination) and ‘It All Fades Away,’ from The Bridges of Madison County might make into one of those I can take out of context but you know, the typical Jason Robert Brown tuneless mess. (Sutton Foster does it too on her new album)  Elsewhere in the album, I found some uninspired moments: a predictable song from ‘the Greatest Showman’ (A Million Dreams) and an all-too-familiar belter choice (Sia’s “Chandelier, always a yawn-inducer from me)  So there are some mixed reactions from me here.

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