Dots (Film Thoughts: Kusama Infinity)

Kusama-InfinityI was at an event a couple of days ago and met this woman who told me that I should see Heather Lenz’s documentary ‘Kusama Infinity’ When I asked her why, she answered “because it’s a great movie.’ Okay, sure. The film focuses on the life and art of Yayoi Kusama. Told through interviews, the film mostly focuses on the art more than the woman, although we get a glimpse of who she is via her own words. Her art is quirky and oddly mesmerizing. As my friend says, these are the perfect backdrops for the selfie generation. Of course, they are much more than that, and we get to hear her inspirations, and her processes: a polka dot is not really just a dot. Still, the subject is a little sterile, perhaps: the biggest scandal here is that Andy Warhol once stole her ideas. Kusama suffered through mental issues, but that isn’t really a stretch for any artiste.

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