Wild Summer Blackberries (Perfume Thoughts: Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme)

486x486I am still on my summer fragrance crave mode, and in my last review, I said I was making do with Jo Malone’s Tropical Cherimoya even as I think it is a bit on the boring side. Looking through my samples, though, I think I may have found a better one: Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme. I remember spritzing this at Nordstrom’s, and liking it, so I asked for a full sample so I could wear it for a day. And yes, I like it a lot. It’s a fruity fragrance – blackberry (sorry, but ‘wild blackberry’ as per the press release notes) but I also would not call it light. It’s set in some rosewater and vanilla, so there’s some heft to it. Yet it never feels heavy – the sweetness and juiciness of the blackberries give it a sparkling feeling, and it’s a ‘fun’ smell, and it smells ‘current’ if a bit young. The drydown on my skin is a bit more rose-y, and that’s perfectly fine. I wish there was a little more tartness in there to give it a darker character, but I guess if that were so, this would be a different scent altogether. I like this perfume just fine, and maybe I will search a cheap bottle of it somewhere.

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