Lara’s Dance (Music Thoughts: This Dance, Lara Tupper)

Oasiscoverimage-330-expLara Tupper’s web page shows that besides being a singer, she is as an author. But, she is also a member of the International Barry Manilow Fans Club so I like her already. I have listened to her album ‘This Dance’ twice in a row now and I don’t mind it at all. She sings acoustic versions of her favorite pop and jazz standards, mostly in duets with Bobby Sweet and the album has a nice coffee-shop vibe that would be perfect to listen to if you as you drink your coffee on a Sunday morning. I myself don’t drink coffee but I get the vibe. She has nice versions of ‘Moondance,’ and ‘Honeysuckle Rose,’ and I especially like her ‘Hallelujah.’ The music is inoffensive, if a bit predictable for me, but I am sure a lot of people would find enjoyment listening to it. This dance could be your dance.

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