Whoever Madeline (Film Thoughts: Madeline’s Madeline)

Madeline-sMadelinePostersS_1000Lord knows I love small independent films because it’s not operated by some big corporate machinery. And my patience for smaller films can run pretty high. But sometimes, just sometimes, a film is just so weird, so experimental, so out there, that I go “What the hell is this thing I am watching?”  Josephine Decker’s ‘Madeline’s Madeline’ falls in that category. This has been getting numerous raves but I just don’t get it. Madeline Howard plays a young actress who has a very domineering mother (Miranda July)  and is being directed by another manipulative woman (Molly Parker) And there is some performance art pieces here, blurring what is real and imagined, and I think Madeline is bi-polar and that’s what makes her mother concerned. And she has a couple of breakdowns during rehearsal for the play they are mounting (something about ‘Three Little Pigs’)  and… it’s alls o pretentious, and mind-numbingly dumb, and the film is one big masturbatory art vomit. I hated every single character in the film, and I hate myself for going out of my way to see this movie.

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