Sometimes Happiness (Television Thoughts: Season Five Finale, Younger, TV Land)

220px-Younger_season_5_posterEverything leading to the fifth season finale of ‘Younger’ has been a doozy – there are entanglements everywhere, and we see Liza almost getting a solution to her biggest problem – the fact that hiding her age will no longer be a liability for her. As a matter of fact, this has proven to be some kind of asset for her – she got a competing offer from Plaza Publishing, heading her own imprint. But there are complications, of course. The imprint is not really her style (a beach read fluffy kind of brand) and of course, Liza is much much more than that. But Cheryl, who offered her the job, has something on her and Charles – she caught them and has leaked to Page Six that tidbit, jeopardizing Quinn’s plan of infusing money into Empirical. This is a bit of a plot stretch – in this day and age, do people really care if executives are having affairs with their secretaries? Consenting adults and all that. But okay, I will still play. Kelsey is then promoted as the Head of the House and Charles is, as Diana states, ‘being put out to pasture’ by being the Chairman of the Board. By the end of the episode, we see Liza and Charles holding hands in public, but we see in their faces fear and resentment – of course they will never be happy – what would we have to look forward to in Season Six?

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