I’ve Dreamed Of You (Perfume Thoughts: Scent Of A Dream, Charlotte Tilbury)

375x500.40118A year ago, I was at the Harrod’s Half-Year Sale, and that was when I first got introduced to Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Scent Of A Dream.’ It was discounted, and at the time I thought it was a European exclusive, so I spritzed – and liked it a lot. I was ready to buy it, but then they only had the big bottle, and the practical Virgo in me said, oh well, some other time.  And then that’s when my life got upended and forgot all about it – until recently when I saw it displayed at Nordstrom’s, and I asked for a sample. The other day, I found the sample in one of my bags and today I am wearing it. I kind of love this. This is a different kind of floral – it has a little bit of vintage feel, it is weird and quirky, and really, it just smells good on me.

Tilbury based this on the essential oils she used to smell on the streets of Ibiza. The fragrance has a tuberose heart, and has edges of patchouli. On my skin, it projects a lto of black pepper, which gives it a ‘funk’ feel. This is where the weird comes in – it is not a clean floral, and it has the ISO-E super molecule that gives that a ‘modern’ sleek feel. I like that finesse a lot, and I think that’s what gives this fragrance a modern feel for me. This stayed on me for a while, and the projection was strong, but not overwhelming. I think this is a great scent as the hot weather transitions to cold, and I might just be tempted to get this finally.

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