In Search Of (Movie Thoughts: Searching)

large_searching-posterI don’t normally watch these thriller types of movies but sure why not I did see ‘Searching.’ Maybe I still have a little bit of hangover from seeing ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ as this stars John Cho, an actor whose work I like. Directed by Aneesh Chaganty, the film has a particular gimmick – the story is told via various forms of social media outlets – Instagram, Facebook, Live-Broadcasting. it centers around the disappearance of the 16 year old daughter (Margot) of Cho’s David.  The gimmick worked, as we get to see the story unfold via these channels. I thought the story itself was a bit perfunctory, and the ‘reveal’ was more amusing than shocking, and the only reason it got to be a little more interesting is because of the way it was presented in the film. I also thought Debra Messing, who plays the detective assigned to the case, was a little lifeless. Maybe I am just used to her larger=than-life characters that when she plays it down (like she does here) it just seems so… underwhelming. Watching this film wasn’t a ninety minute waste, but I would not say it enriched my life either.

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