A Perfect Ten (Perfume Thoughts: Mon Numero 10, L’Artisan)

barneys-10I have gotten some of my perfumes from storage and I am slowly – very slowly – unpacking them. (I don’t have a permanent place for them yet so I can’t really open them all) I marvel at the way my sister packed them, all in bubble wrap so safe and preserved. I do this game of randomly opening one, as if a surprise, and more often than not, I am delighted. One of my recent delights is finding that I have a 30 ml bottle of L’artisan’s Mon Numero Uno. I remember getting this from a L’Artisan sale at Nordstrom, and I remember thinking at the time – isn’t this rare? Well, it kind of is. This is one of then ten fragrances that Bertrand Duchafour crafted for the house and they sold exclusively (and at a prohibitive price) around 2008 – exclusively at Barneys, if I recall correctly. I never sniffed them because i thought to myself I would never be able to afford them anyway ( a bottle was $20,000 I think)  This is a fairly small bottle of it, and I am guessing this was part of a gift set or an exclusive pressing. In any event, I am glad to own such a (I hope) rarity.  As for the fragrance itself, this is a nice solid leather scent. It’s a spicy leather, not soft buttered like a handbag or tanny like a wallet. It is accompanied by spices – I get cardamom for sure. And it is pretty linear, and very warm. The mornings have been a tad cooler recently and this made my morning walk very pleasant. It is an enveloping scent, hugging you like a soft cashmere sweater. Truth be told, there really is nothing very special and unique about it, but you can tell it is expensive and is made from good materials. And while I wouldn’t say it is a perfect ten in those terms, its exclusivity and pedigree make it one.

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