In Support Of (Film Thoughts: Support The Girls)

large_support-girls-posterI know Andrew Bujalski’s ‘Support The Girls’ has been getting a lot of good word, and that is really a reason why I checked it out. Because, really, a comedy set in a Hooters-type of bar, probably isn’t a movie that was made for me. And? Meh. I wish I liked it more. I liked Regina Hall’s down-to-earth performance as Lisa, the general manager with a heart.  And the film does feel authentic – you get the realness of a certain segment of working class America here. And the narrative is there. But it just isn’t for me. I lost interest in some of the stories, and didn’t really care for any character besides Lisa (and even for her, not really too much)  This is just a classic case of ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ I wish it luck, but I am walking away.

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