Yours Truly (Television Thoughts, You S01E03 and S01E04, Lifetime)


I have just finished Episodes three and four of ‘You’ and…it’s definitely weird.  I don’t even know if I like it or not, though for sure I cannot stop watching it. The tone is dark, for sure, and there’s a lightness. too, and he series is very self-aware. Most of episode four looks like it is a set-up. We learn a little about Beck’s back story, about her father who we all thought has been dead. And of course, Joe quickly figures out what is going on. I wonder now if Joe will do something about the father, too, just like he ‘took care’ of the boyfriend (I wonder if he really is able to get away with that)

I am continually impressed by Badgely, and even liken his performance with Darren Criss’s on the Versace series. He is good at showing a dark side while still managing to be charming. And as I had thought, Beck is showing a darker side as well. It’s all heady and intoxicating, and I normally don’t watch these kinds of shows (at least it’s really not as violent and bloody as others) but I assure you I am paying attention.

One thought on “Yours Truly (Television Thoughts, You S01E03 and S01E04, Lifetime)

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