Swiss Swing (Music Thoughts: Introducing…Coco Favre, Coco Favre)

cd1Coco Favre has a great name, and to be honest, that’s what attracted me to listen to her album first before anyone else on my pile. I researched her and find that she is originally from Switzerland, and is now living in New Zealand. That’s a long way to travel and I wonder why she moved – for love? for family? In any event, when I first listened to the album, I was a little underwhelmed. Well, bored is more like it. She has a fine enough voice, but nothing about it called out to me. But on second spin (I usually give a second chance) I see that her strength is on swinging tunes. She definitely has a great sense of rhythm, as evidenced in her versions of ‘Down With Love,’ and ;It Don’t Mean A Thing.’ I am guessing she is also great live, as I get some of that energy on her disc. But the originals still put me to sleep. Half of this is okay, the other half I couldn’t get through and her disc, titled ‘Introducing…Coco Favre’ is a lukewarm intro.

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