Like A Flower (Music Thoughts: Bloom, Troye Sivan)

bloomI have been listening to Troye Sivan’s album ‘Bloom’ for a couple of days now and I don’t know if I really ‘get’ it. It’s unlike a lot of pop album nowadays: it’s soft, quiet, really delicate, kind of like a flower. I have been waiting for it to, ahem, bloom, but it hasn’t, yet, to me. But, I can’t stop listening to it. Sure, it is an assured piece, from an unapologetic gay man of today. and perhaps I am much too insecure and self-conscious to relate to it, but again I…can’t…stop…listening.

And it’s not like he has songs with great hooks.  Most of his tunes try to go somewhere, but the journey of most of it is gettign there, not the destination. No fake braggadocio here (like Charlie Puth) or soft sensitivity (like Shawn Mendes)  because the point of view here is more stern: he’s horny, he is obsessed, he is in love. And maybe I can’t stop listening because I also get those feelings.

Take ‘Bloom,’ the title track for example. Much has been said about its true meaning, and he has even confirmed it is about bottoming for the first time, but there’s a sweet message there, in the heart of it. It’s me finally giving myself to you, because that is truly how I feel. And on ‘Seventeen,’ we are all young gay men – trying to look for our sexual place in the world, unaware and naive to everything (This generation is at least lucky it has Grindr, during my time the world was a tougher map to navigate) I think I can identify most with how he can obsess and overthink love. My favorite track is probably ‘Postcards,’ which captures that time when you put your guard down and show vulnerability to someone, and you wait on how they are going to respond. We have all taken that risk, and know that feeling.

Maybe I don’t need to ‘get’ the album. Maybe it has already gotten me.

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