Take Me To The World (Stage Thoughts: The World Goes Round, Reprise 2.0 at The Freud Playhouse, UCLA)

CORRECT+PHONE+-+NO+DISCOUNT+SOCIAL+MEDIA+CARDOne of the things I miss most about living in New York is theater. To say there is less theater in LA is an understatement. You have to dig deep to find something here,  and what you get can be not necessarily worth it (I refuse to see touring companies, and yes I admit I am a snob) But once in a while, you do get something worth your while, and I found that in the Reprise 2 series production of Kander & Ebb’s ‘The World Goes ‘Round’ at the Freud Playhouse at UCLA.  I remember the Off-Broadway production well, at the Westside Theater in Midtown West, before all the gentrification there took place. Look at who was involved at the original production – Scott Ellis directing, Susan Stroman doing choreography, and look at the cast: Robert Cuccioli, Karen Ziemba, Karen Mason among others. It was a memorable evening.

I am a realist, and did not expect this cast to be as memorable. And to be frank, they aren’t. Dawnn Lewis (from the television show ‘A Different World’) and Valeri Perri (she was in the 2nd National Tour of Evia in the 80s)  are both fine, and the latter gets the showcase-y songs (‘Isn’t It Better’ from Funny Lady, ‘Colored Lights’ from The Rink) The rest of the cast is dependable enough, if at times forgettable: Larry Cedar, Kelly Dorney, and Michael Starr. Okay so maybe Starr’s is a bit more hard to forget after he plays a naked ‘Arthur’ in ‘Arthur In the Afternoon’ (his muscles are fine)

All in all, not a bad night of theater, f we go by Los Angeles standards. I am mostly marveling at the songs, as it is always nice to have these songs sung live. Richard Israel’s production skews more cabaret than musical theater (A lady next to me asked her companion – ‘are they just gonna sing’) but I’ll take what I can get, and this isn’t too bad.

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