In A State of Grief (Television Thoughts: Sorry For Your Loss, Facebook Watch)

MV5BODA1NDUzNjUtNzQ3ZC00YzYxLWIyMzUtNmQ3OWMxZTlmMWNiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyOTA5NzQxMjQ@._V1_Narratives dealing with grief is a tricky thing, because all of us grieve differently.  Sometimes grief hits us at the most surprising times, a lot of times we are grieving and we don’t even realize that we are.  ‘Sorry For Your Loss’ captures big parts of grief, and it does so sensitively, and with truth and honesty. I started watching the pilot with half a heart, but by the end of its twenty nine minute running time, I found I gained a bleeding one.  In the center of the show is Leigh (played by Elizabeth Olsen) who plays a grieving young widow whose husband has just passed away. She hasn’t been back in their apartment in months, preferring to be with her sister (Kelly Marie Tran who is recovering addict, and her mother (Janet McTeer !) who owns the fitness tudio where they are all working.

There are a lot of layers to the piece. We don’t really know what caused her husband’s death, and there are hints that he may have kept a lot of secrets from her, and this just adds to the texture of the story line. Olsen is fantastic, and we totally get the messiness of what she is going through – the deep sadness, the confusion, the longing, the surrealness of material things remaining the same as its owners are gone. Believe you me, I have been there. There are times that grief still envelopes me, there are times that I still look for new purpose after grief has taken over. I know and have felt these emotions that the characters here are experiencing – and the writing rings so true. And this makes this show so compelling – and important – for me.

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