Being Single (Television Thoughts: Single Parents, ABC)

main_p15523521_b_v9_aaThe whole time I was watching the pilot of ABC’s new sitcom ‘Single Parents,” I Was racking my brain who the dark haired young female lead was. She looked very familair, kind of Keira Knightley-ish, but of course it isn’t Keira. I had to pause my watching to google and there it was – it’s Leighton Meester from ‘Gossip Girl.’ Okay, I can breath easy now. The premise of the sitcom – a group of single parents band and help each other in raising their kids. It is kind of corny. and nowadays I get very suspect of shows with a lot of kids. But I didn’t think it was too bad, to be honest. I didn’t really laugh out loud with any of the jokes, but probably this show was meant for anyone BUT me. I will let it sit on my Hulu list, and I bet i never go back to it, but just in case, it will be there.

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