Such Is Life (Movie Thoughts: Life Itself)

large_life_itselfYou would think that ‘Life Itself’ is a movie meant for me: current, dramatic, set in New York City, five hanky film. But I have got to agree with most critics who have panned it: this is just too much. This is directed by Dan Fogelman, who is the one who gives us NBC’s hit melodrama ‘This Is Us.’ And I also wonder why I haven’t really caught up with that. I remember watching a third of the first season, and never caught up on it. Maybe because nowadays my life is complicated enough, and the drama in the show just weighs me down.

But back to the film – Fogelman has assembled a group of great actors, and they are all game to the task. They do well with what I thought were undeveloped characters. This is the type of movie wherein things happen to people before we get to really know them, so we kind of don’t care as much. The crowd I saw it with started to laugh as these characters experience tragedy after tragedy. After a while, you become numb to the next death, and the big ‘reveal’ at the end could be seen by even Stevie Wonder. Someone said that if you were prone to being depressed you should not watch this film, but it had the opposite effect on me. Compares to these people, I realized my life isn’t too bad.

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