Merry Murphy (Television Thoughts: Murphy Brown, CBS Thursdays)

p15528460_b_v8_ab‘Murphy Brown’ appears as the newest ‘reboot from the 90s’ show after “will and Grace’ and ‘Roseanne,’  and based on the pilot episode anyway, this feels like a misfire. While I am glad to see Candance Bergen reprise her role, the show seems lifeless and out of touch. Granted, it premieres after a day of riveting reality television that is the Supreme Court Nomination hearings of Brett Kavanaugh so it has very tough competition. But after an exasperating day of dealing with the harsh reality that we are in now, lame jokes about Trump are the last thing I need to hear. I hope the show gets beyond all that, because there is a lot of promise here. Brown is now a host of a morning show at a Cable News Network so there’s a lot of potential there. Plus her child, Avery, is now a hunky adult (Jake McDorman) and is a journalist as well, and just happens to be on a show competing with his mother at a rival cable network. That sounds like a good set-up. I doubt the show will veer very much away from its topical politics stance, so we will see how much my tolerance will be for it.

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