Everyone Was Beautiful At The Studio (Film Thoughts: Studio 54, The Documentary)

fullYears ago there were competing films about Studio 54 and you think that would have been enough for this topic but here we are forty years later and we are still talking about the famed iconic club. This time, Matt Tyrnauer has directed a documentary that is so vivid that it will probably the definitive documentation of not only that club, but of that carefree era – someone described it as the hedonistic era between the birth control pill and AIDS.  I don’t know how Tyrnauer compiled all his material, but he has a knack for choosing footage that best showcase how it was during that time. Plus, what adds value here is the presence of Ian Schrager, the ‘silent partner’ during those times. Steve Rubbell was obviously the more gregarious face of the club, and he thrived int he presence of all the major celebrities of the time (We see a young Michael Jackson being interviewed praising him to high heavens)  I loved seeing all the pictures and videos of Liza, and Bianca Jagger, and Andy Warhol, and all the icons of the time. And the fashion – still very relevant, if you ask my opinion. I really can’t say that I learned a lot from this movie –  except maybe that President Obama pardoned Ian Schrager before leaving office in January 2017 – but that is only because I have been fascinated by this topic for a while. I was born a little too late for its heyday, but I remember going to the space for a private party there in the late 80s and I could swear you could still feel the energy of the club. Rubell succumbed to AIDS in 1989, but there are most other names and faces who perished after that era. In some small way, this film keeps them alive.

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