The Kids Are Alright (Television Thoughts: The Conners, Episodes 2 & 3)

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 8.04.14 AM []

In case you were wondering, and I was, but ‘The Conners’ seem to be doing just fine without Roseann. I have just seen episodes two and three (the last one being the Halloween episode) and they are getting their groove on. Obviously, Barr was always the focus before, but now, it really looks like Darlene (Sara Gilbert) will be at the center, and it looks like it will focus more on how she is raising her own children. The second episode is good, as Darlene finds out that her daughter has sex while on a sleepover at her ex-husband’s house. I like how they have Darlene get mad first, then be understanding. The series is even brave enough to mention the morning-after pill, and I wonder how conservative middle America would react to that. Johnny Galecki guest stars as David, and I wish he would appear more, as his chemistry with Sara Gilbert is definitely so honed in. On the Halloween episode, we see the series as it moves on more, asserting its own voice. Darlene goes off on the school principal when her son Mark ‘s costume (Frida Kahlo) is deemed insensitive. Darlene does seem to be the kind of parent who will take a stand, and I feel that’s what the series is also doing. I feel emotionally invested in these characters, and slowly I can feel them easing in to their new roles.

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