If I Could Reach You (Movie Thoughts: Reach)

p15791647_p_v8_aaI’ll be honest. I wanted to see ‘Reach’ right away because of cutie Garrett Clayton, who plays Steven, and the lead int his film, directed by Leif Rokesh. Steven is a confused teen, and in the opening scene, is finally contemplating on committing suicide. He is living with his father, and is not connecting with him. I am sure there are other demons in his life tormenting him, but we are never really sure what they are (For example, is he gay? I thought the film wasn’t really clear about that part) When he gets to school, he finds that there is a new kid in town (and conveniently lives across from him) Clarence (Johnny James Fiore) and he gives Steven something to live for by being his friend, and defending from his bully, Nick, who was his best friend growing up. Something happened between his families and now they are mortal enemies. There’s a lot going on here, and at the same time not much – the tropes are familiar. But I can’t really knock off the film – it has good performances both from Clayton and Fiore, who have good chemistry together, and it has messages of kindness and tolerance in today’s Trumpian America. Old cynical me can find faults, but I hope the kids who will watch this won’t.

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