On A Winter Morning (Perfume Thoughts; Indi, Katy Perry)

375x500.45647I am a perfume snob, but I am not such a snob with celebrity fragrances. If someone puts out something noteworthy, I would have no problem adding it to my wardrobe.  Katy Perry’s ‘Indi’ is great, and I bet if you closed your eyes, you might even mistake it for a niche brand – it wouldn’t be out of place under the Comme de Garcon label, for example. The press release for Indi describes it as a musk fragrance, and of course that got my attention instantly. Even more interesting, they say that the perfume has eleven types of musk in it. I mean, how many kinds are there?

The result: Indi is a close-to-your-skin sexy musk scent. It’s very 70s, and  maybe I am reminded of it via Jovan Musk, which I used to wear when I was in elementary school (I was savvy, what can I say) Really, it is more similar to SJP Stash, although Indi is drier. There is a white tea note on top, and there’s cumin, but it doesn’t overwhelm. It’s a cold scent, akin to hugging your man on a lazy Saturday winter morning. And it is beautifully dirty, and I find myself constantly smelling my wrist throughout the day when I use it. I spray it on my scarf and the rose-y, powdery smell is retained in the fabric.

And to think I am not even a Katy Perry fan, as I find her music derivative.  I expected her perfume to be sugary sweet, so I am pleasantly surprised to see a lot of maturity and class in Indi. Of the scent, I am a fan.

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