Sandalwood and the Sun (Perfume Thoughts: Sunny Side Up, Juliette Has A Gun)

juliette_sunnysideup_800zI’ve been meaning to try Juliette Has A Gun’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ for the longest time now but I keep on forgetting. I know it got a fair amount of praise from perfumistas, and I generally like most of the releases from this house, under the care of Romano Ricci. The house is known for their rose fragrances, but this time they are using a different note to showcase: sandalwood.

This is not your mother’s soapy wood sandalwood, because this is a very modern take on the note. Ricci uses coconut water to give the sandalwood a sunburnt feel. Imagine using that sandalwood soap and then laying out in the sun with your sun tan lotion – that is the kind of vibe that this perfume gives. It’s a very summery fragrance, and now that I am wearing it in slightly colder weather, I am quickly reminded of summer days. There’s a hint of jasmine and vanilla here, and perhaps the scent is much sweeter than I normally can handle, but I don’t mind this at all. For me, this is a great cold-weather scent, something to remind me of sunny days when in winter doldrums.

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