Nina Never Knew (Film Thoughts: All About Nina)

aan‘All About Nina’ is sometimes difficult to watch.  The main character, Nina, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a bit of a sorry ass – she is having an affair with a married cop who beats her – and she sleeps around, picking up guys at the comedy club. Winstead plays her without asking for your sympathy, at times even recoiling it. Writer/Director Eva Vives has definitely created a three-dimensional complicated character. It took me a little bit to get used to her and only about halfway through did I kind of understand her. This film is more of a character piece than a narrative, and we see how Nina try to grow up, and get better. When she moves from New York City to Los Angeles, we see Nina meet someone she could maybe fall for (Rae, played by Common) There is a scene after she spends a nice evening with him where she breaks down right after, and it’s a pretty powerful scene. I could totally relate to it. Whenever there is a potential of something great happening to me, I get very scared of it. I always think happiness always has a cost. In the last part of the film, Nina goes on stage and does a monologue of how she was raped when she was young, and it, and Winstead, is sensational. It is a raw monologue akin to ‘Rose’s Turn’ from Gypsy.  Its honesty will strike you in the face, and this is one of those instances wherein we see a character change and grow before our eyes. I really wish the storytelling was better, for that would have made this a great film instead of a very good one.


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