Sucks And The City (Movie Thoughts: Here And Now)

hnI have one question after seeing ‘Here and Now.’  Is Sarah Jessica Parker really such a bad actress? Because she is really awful here – mannered acting, really doing the ‘hard sell’ in most of her emotions. To express sadness, she goes all out with a frown, and her dialogue so labored and plastic it’s jarring to listen to. I don’t remember if she was this bad when she was in ‘Sex and the City’ but was she? And to think this is the type of movie which really requires a charismatic performance. As Vivienne, a world-renowned jazz singer who just finds out she has cancer, the character *is* the whole film, and in this case, Parker eviscerates the movie. Written by Laura Eason, the film is supposedly inspired by Agnes Varda’s ‘Cleo from 5 to 7.’ Director Fabien Constant infuses the film with a lot of style, but there are a lot of stumbles. First, Vivienne is supposed to be a famous singer yet she freely walks around New York City, emoting full blast, without anyone noticing her. And in an almost laughable scene, she attends a jazz set, and she goes up to sing wearing the exact street clothes that she has been wearing all day.  This just lowers how much you buy whatever this film is selling.  When Renee Zellwegger shows up in a scene as Vivienne’s long-lost friend, you can see the difference in how a real actress tackles a role. There is just so much wrong in this here and now that’s unforgivable.

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