Prepare to Fly (Movie Thoughts: Green Butterflies)

p16115151_v_v8_abFrom Colombia, Gustavo Nieto Roa’s ‘Green Butterflies’ has a lot of important life lessons in it – tolerance, abuse of power, anti-bullying – but it is executed in such an amateurish manners I sometimes get distracted by that instead of what is in its heart. Filmed in what seems like a cheap video camera, the look feels very ‘teleserye’ and it looks and feels cheap. But the two leads, Deivi Duarte and Kevin Bury have charm in them, and I honestly got sucked in the story anyway, as predictable and rote as it was – you can practically predict every twist and turn. I was proud that I was able to stick to it to the very end regardless and while there was minor payout, it had a depressing ending that kind of brings you down. But based on real events, the case got Colombia to change its laws on student rights. I can’t really knock this movie down, because underneath it had a big beating heart.

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