Dancing Through Time (Find Me in Paris, Hulu)

p15375687_b_v9_acHulu recommended this show to me. I think it’s because I watched some Freeform shows on their platform. The show focuses on ballet and time travel. A ballerina from the year 1905 (played by Jessica Lord) gets transported to present time (2018) unintentionally because of a blunder by her boyfriend.  I thought the pilot episode was kind of boring – I thought it needed more action, and the pace, especially for something that involves some fantasy.  And not that I am an expert on ballet, but I thought the dancing was lackluster. And Lord isn’t the greatest young actress out there, but there are some twinks in the cast that got my attention, so all in all, it’s not a bad viewing experience. I won’t give up on the show, though, because I kind of like the idea, especially the love story parts of it – there is a very romantic vibe here that is very promising. And the episodes could get better, though I am not really a big fan of the fantasy element of it.

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