The Smell of Diamonds (Perfume Thoughts: 1932, Chanel Les Exclusifs)

375x500.17388Someone once told me he didn’t like Chanel fragrances because they all smell the same. I thought about that remark and say, well, I think that’s the same reason why I love them. You know exactly what you are going to get with a Chanel fragrance – something elegant, something tender, something that is classy, and you can wear today and will probably still be relevant ten or twenty or a hundred years from now.  Chanel ‘1932,’ is exactly that fragrance. This is part of their Les Exclusifs Collection, and is named for the first year they started offering fine jewelry. The fragrance is inspired by diamonds and comets.

1932 is a soft scent – its notes say white jasmine – and this is a very clean jasmine (nothing indolic here) It is mixed with rose petals, but it is not jammy or sweet. There is a lot of their trademark aldehydes here, and the overall effect is something that smells like one of their makeups. It is certainly pretty.

It’s also kind of boring, and I don’t know if I really need it on my wardrobe. And yes, I probably have something very similar to it already. But this sample is nice to wear and I shall enjoy it.

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