A Warm Embrace (Perfume Thoughts: Skin, Clean Reserve)

375x500.35244Describe a perfume ‘clean’ and I am instantly turned off.  So is it no wonder that I have not explored the Clean line? I see them all the time at Sephora and I turn my nose up on it – I am a perfume snob and prefer Orientals! The dirtier the better! In my stash of samples (I swear I want to finish all of them at some point) came Clean Reserve Skin. This apparently is from their higher-end line, and has better raw ingredients, and is ‘inspired by the feeling of a warm embrace and a loving touch’ Sure I could use either or both of those on this wintry day, why not?

I like this. It’s an effortless floral musk, and contrary to its name, would probably not be described as clean. It’s musk. It’s not the sweaty spicy musk that I would normally gravitate to, but a nice floral kind with just a tiny bit of edge. There are hints of leather and tonka bean (vanilla?) but there is also a lot of sweetness to it – praline or caramel, perhaps. It is very close to the skin, and most importantly, is agreeing very much with my body chemistry. On this cold day, it does feel like an embrace, and I imagine it could even be described as sexy.  It also isn’t too pricey, and is all-natural and vegan (if that’s your thing)  It’s a mainstream version of musk, and when I say that I don’t mean that in the negative. So yes, this is a ‘clean’ i don’t mind.


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