The Status Is (Movie Thoughts: Status Update)

mv5bm2nmotexnzqtotzhyi00mzzjlwe5m2etytllndm2owmzzwvkxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymjg1oda0oda@._v1_sy1000_cr0,0,666,1000_al_‘Status Update’ is from the ‘wish-come-true’ kind of movies like ‘Big,’ or ’17 Again,’ or ‘Freaky Friday,’ but this time it is updated for the social media generation. Kyle (Ross Lynch) moves to a new city because of his parents separation, and somehow gets an app on his phone that grants all his wishes/ Cute and inventive idea, and this film is fun for what it is. You know exactly where it is going to go, and the lesson it will impart, and your appreciation will just depend on how much you will enjoy the performances and the set ups. Lynch s fine and game and cute, but on t e dramatic scenes you can see his greenness. I was pleasantly surprised to see cute pie Gregg Sulkin as the villain here but I guess this is an older project as he has moved on to bigger and better things now. I also appreciated the musical numbers, as Lynch and co-star Olivia Holt have great musical and screen chemistry. Again, I had fun watching this, it’s lighta nd mindless and after a day at work, just what the doctor ordered.

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