Light Holy (Perfume Thoughts: Sancti, Les Liquide Imaginaires)

375x500.23085I have had the sample of Les Liquide Imaginaires’  ‘Sancti’ for a while now. I got this a while back from an SA from Barney’s when I still lived in Vegas, and I have been reticent in wearing it because it is an expensive perfume ($210 for 100 ml) But as I try to get through my stash, here I am.

Sancti is basically an incense perfume. It opens with citrus – bergamot and neroli, but on me the frankincense come in quite quickly, and the woods closely follow (fir, cedar) As far as incense scents go, it is on the lighter side, but for such an expensive scent, it really does not project at all. In the end, I am unimpressed. You can get much more for much less.

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