In New Mexico and Syria (Film Thoughts: Off The Menu/The Viper Club)

offmIn my never-ending search for rom-coms, I stumble upon really bad ones. ‘Off The Menu,’ directed by Jay Silverman, is really bad. I was drawn to it because it stars Santino Fontana, who is a sometime Broadway actor, and sometime Disney Prince, and he is fine here, but he also seems miserable being in it. The screenplay is by-the-books in the worst possible way, and not even the presence of Maria Conchita Alonso as a spicy hot mama can save it.



large_viper-club-posterSusan Sarandon wants to save her kidnapped son in Syria in ‘The Viper Club,’ and she displays subdued scting here that is very effective. The rest of the movie, directed by Maryam Keshavarz, is ho-hum at best, with its plodding pacing. Matt Bomer is wasted as his son’e best friend. if you have to, see this for Sarandon’s performance, but I just can’t shake that she is a Trump supporter in real life, so I cannot fully empathize with the character.  I know that is on me, but this is where I am in the world right now.

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