My Pump Is Gone? (Television Thoughts: Season Seven Premiere, Vanderpump Rules, Bravo)


I have always liked ‘Vanderpump Rules’ because…crazy. They are. But things change, we grow. Or maybe I have and they haven’t? Or perhaps because now that I am now a resident of Los Angeles, and these people are three miles away from me, I have kind of now soured on the show. You would think I would relate more, right? But I find myself getting more detached from it.  I watched the Seventh Season premiere and I wasn’t as amused as I thought I would be. The first episode is more Jax/Britney-centric, for sure. In it, Jax finally proposes from Britney, after she stick with him as his father passed away. But I don’t know, the cynic in me really doesn’t buy this. Jax has been the resident bad boy of the show, and I don’t know if I am taking delight in him now being ‘good.’  We shall see if I get motivated to see succeeding episodes and feel that my heart-pump for the show is gone.

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