Jessie’s Day (Music Thoughts: This Christmas Day, Jessie J)

jjA Christmas Album is for me a good test drive for a singer. I know I have heard some of Jessie J’s music before, but sadly for me, nothing ever stuck. And listening to her voice, I am actually impressed by its great texture – there’s a huskiness there that is quite appealing and not too vocal fry-ish. And in this album, ‘This Christmas Day,’ she has some powerful production: Babyface, Darkchild, and David Foster, just to name three. There is a white soul R & B feel to the sound, and it’s great. And the songs sound perfect, creating a mood.

Maybe that’s my problem with it – it feels more a mood than a cohesive production. For sure, tracks will fare better taken as pieces instead of part of a whole thing. I didn’t connect with the songs, even if I enjoyed listening to the tracks at the moment. Am I weird? Am I too old? At this point, the best thing I can say about the album is that it is my two-degree connection to Channing Tatum, who reportedly is her boyfriend at the moment. (Shrug)

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