Christmas Roads, Take Me Home (Television Thoughts: Road To Christmas, Hallmark Channel)

16064253_aaSo this is what has become of me – watching Hallmark Christmas movies, Actually, even though I love rom-coms, even these are too corny for me. But I read on Twitter that ‘Road To Christmas’ had some gay representation, so I thought why not. I mean let’s get into the season, and we cold throw in some corny romantic stuff in the process.

The film is harmless, but it is hardly satisfying. Jessy Schram is a type A TV producer for a Martha Stewart type woman, and gets paired professionally with the woman’s son, played by Chad Michael Murray. I don’t think I need to spell out what happens next in these things.

It’s done good enough I guess, for what it is. Murray is still cute – I remember having a mild crush on him though I never watched his show – was it ‘One Tree Hill’ ? – but really, just a little too wooden. Schram is a little annoying, but I guess her character is supposed to be As for the gay content – it’s not explicitly stated and you blink and you’ll miss it, so if that’s what you are searching for, this will be a waste of your time. And is the whole film a waste of mine? Your mileage may vary. It’s short enough for me to not feel to bitter investing in it, and really, I have seen worse.

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