Good Girl Gone Bland (Perfume Thoughts: Good Girl, Carolina Herrera)

73755wFirst impression (even before sniffing) on Carolina Herrera’s ‘Good Girl’: look at that bottle. Apparently, people either love or hate this bottle, and count me in among the LOVE crowd. I think it’s cute, and fun, and kitschy, and would go great next to my Moschino Windex-inspired ones. Apparently, it’s one of the year’s best selling perfumes, and I bet women are buying it because of the bottle.

But it is still a perfume, and how does it smell? Promised a jasmine/tuberose combo, we do get that, with a great fruity note (it is a peach?) So basically, a fruity floral, and one we have all smelled before. It’s safe and good for office wear, and I will bet it will get some complements. But let’s be honest, not as exciting as the stiletto where it is poured from.

I still want to own it, though. This looks to be the kind of fragrance that will last a long time, and I bet later versions will have a different, more generic bottle. So, first edition goals!

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