All Mine To Give (Movie Thoughts: Instant Family)

large_family-posterI was kind of making a vow not to watch movies starring Mark Wahlberg (because he is allegedly  homophobic and hates Asians) but I acquiesced with the feel-good ‘Instant Family.’  Co-written and Directed by Sean Andres, the movie is based on his real-life experience with his wife fostering children. The film’s premis is zanier. and I think that kind of helps the film – this isn’t some 50s kids-in-peril melodrama. I know the tone can be too much for some, but I thought it was balanced enough. We see Rose Byrne shine as always – I think she is one of the funniest actresses working today – and Wahlberg, well, in my opinion, he always plays his characters liek d-bags even when they are supposed to be nice/ Or I could just be projecting. The children are all cute and adorable, but Isabela Moner (as Lizzy) is given a little more meat to chew and handles them well.  Tig Notaro and Octavia Spencer play the therapists (or government employees?) who help the foster parents and all I could think about is how this would have been a better movie had the film been from their points of view.  But this film is fine enough for me. I laughed enough and cried a little with it.

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