The Mormons Are Coming (Television Thoughts: A Merry Little Christmas, PBS)

91ZRrJPRuxL._SY445_I was cruising on YouTube one time when I chanced upon videos of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I had been scared of them because I know the Mormons are all a homophobic bunch, and why should I support someone who hates me, right? But I have to admit that the choral pieces really touched me, and I found myself watching several of the performances, and getting really impressed by them I mean, I felt very dirty afterwards, but at the time it was satisfying.

And then I saw that PBS had a Christmas Special from last year, and it had the wonderful Sutton Foster singing Holiday anthems. And so I watched. I learn later that there is a DVD available of the performance – I think there were three performances last year. I think the PBS version is an abridged version of the DVD.

It is kind of wonderful in a weird way. It’s definitely non-secular, and very manipulative. But I just cannot resist Sutton in all her glory singing Christmas carols. She is in fine – though somewhat more nasal than usual- voice but her stage presence here is really special. And I even liked the whole ‘church’ feeling – there’s a solemnity here that is very intimate.  It’s a great way to ring in the Holidays.

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