I Never Has Smelled Snow (Perfume Thoughts: White Moss and Snowdrop, Jo Malone)

117024_img-4716-jo_malone-white_moss__snowdrop_480I was kind of excited about Jo Malone’s Holiday limited-edition release, ‘Whote Moss and Snowdrop,’ because it jus t*sounds* alluring.  I imagine it as a snow-frosted scent, perfect for Holiday wear, and I imagine Elsa from Frozen wearing it to match her blue gown. And yes, look at gorgeous bottle, which could match the tinsels on any Christmas tree.

But…blah. I was thoroughly disappointed by it – a generic ‘cold citrus’ scent that’s characterless – clementine is the listed note I think but it’s so bland that I couldn’t get anything. Then a white-musky drydown comes in, and it has that generic Jo Malone base that really puts me to sleep. There is no ‘moss’ or ‘snow’ that I get here. On my skin, it becomes a white musky basic scent, kind of like plain yogurt before you put the fruit in it. I wanted to like it. Hell, I wanted to own it. Pass.

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