Winter Pulp (Perfume Thoughts: Note de Yuzu, Heeley x Maison Kitsune)

note-de-yuzu-100-ml-heeley-eau-de-parfumDoes one dare citrus in the winter? I love citrusy scents, but probably, like everyone else, use it mostly in the summertime. But I am always looking for ones with a little heft in them, and Heeley (in collab with Maison Kitsune) has released ‘Note de Yuzu,’ which fits the bill.

This is a grapefruit and orange blast on me, with just hints of the Asian fruit yuzu. It’s a nice and crisp opening, and it doesn’t fade just right away,a s most citrus cologne type of fragrances do. I get a bit of tea in the heart of the scent and it gives it a dryness that makes the scent stick.  I like that juxtaposition.  There is some clean vetiver that shows up, and some kind of flower there (I detect some orange blossom, perhaps) and that’s it. This is not some complicated perfume that gives you a fragrant journey. It is a nice citrus that lingers, and yes, on a dreary cold winter day, it can give you a burst of freshness.

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