Lohan Rules (Television Thoughts: Lindsay Lohan Beach Club)

p16339401_b_v8_aaForgive me for I have sinned.  For not only did I start watching the first three episodes of the new MTV show ‘Lindsay Lohan Beach Club,’ but after watching the first three episodes, I can say that I am totally digging it. And it’s garbage, don’t get me wrong. It’s a low-rent Eurotrash version of Vanderpump Rules, only with a bitchy thirty year old Matriarch here. And this leader is a bitch. Lisa Vanderpump, on her show, at least tries to mentor and hone the skills of the people working for her, but here, Queen Lohan is a bitch in wheels. You know she doesn’t really care what happens to her minions, and all she cares about is her brand, and this show. She has no shame in making it look like she herself is creating the drama.

The cast is your usual blend of trouble makers and ‘attractive’ hot messes. And for sure, the liquor flows freely at their house so they act irrational and combative, when needed to be. These young people talk about goals but what do they really get in something like this? At most, probably the potential of more Instagram followers. I also thought the cast may be a tad too old for the usual MTV brand, but I don;t know if I could speak with any authority on what the MTV brand is nowadays.  And there isn’t much queer content yet – for Mykonos standards – but that seems about to change in future episodes.

But yeah, i think I will be watching this one.

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