Hot Mess Mama (Film Thoughts: Figlia Mia/Daughter of Mine)

mini_magick20180419-4790-1dr7avyFrom Sardinia comes ‘Daughter of Mine,’ written and directed by Laura Bispuri. Albra Rohrwacher plays Angelica, who years ago, gave her daughter to Tina (Valeria Golino)  Angelica is the town hot mess — she sleeps around in exchange for drinks. Now she is bei g evicted from her house, and asks Tina to help, and int he process meets her daughter, Vittoria, again. They get along – her carefree energy tantalizes the young girl, and for some reason the girl knows that Angelica is her mother.

This film could be an exasperating watch – it’s slow and it is sometimes hard to see characters making themselves priority over the child’s benefit. And the story is a bit flimsy, making the film more character studies than anything else. The problem with that is that these people aren’t as fleshed out in the writing. Is the film worth a watch? I didn’t really get into the film until the last third of it, and some people may not have the patience.

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