Reality Stinks (Perfume Thoughts: So Real, Moschino Cheap and Chic)

P32408497What’s in a bottle? If you look at the case of Mochino Cheap and Chic’s So Real, it says a lot. Look to the left and you either are enamored by it, or think it’s the ugliest thing out there. I don’t mind it – it’s certainly kitsch and I have similar looking bottles, and I think I have the solid colored one from the same line.

But how does it smell? Well, in line with its name, it smells cheap – your generic synthetic smelling floral, the sugary kind. I don’t get any floral here, really, but the notes say pink peony and white petals. I get generic citrus, which could be anything and everything…amounting to nothing. It’s gone in an instant, too. But then again, it is literally cheap – you can get a bottle at discount sites for almost nothing. So should this exist?

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