Horgan’s Family (Television Thoughts: Catastrophe Ep 1 to 3, Amazon Prime)

117005553I know I’ve been ignoring Amazon Prime. I have a long log of saved shows on my watch list there, and I haven’t made a dent from it – I am a little more updated on Netflix, but “my list” there is staggering as well. For some reason the other day I decided to start watching ‘Catastrophe’ on Amazon Prime, and I knew next to nothing about it, except for the fact it was described as a rom-com, enough of a lure for me.

And I love this. I read that it was initially shown in Eng;and on BBC, and stars Sharon Horgan, a British comedienne (she is their Tina Fey, I read) and the premise is cute, but also mature. She meets an American man (Rob Delaney) and they have a wild whirlwind affair, and she gets pregnant. He lives in the States and moves to London for her, and now they have to navigate their situation. They want to be together, but should they? Everyone knows having a baby is not reason enough to get married, but I am on Episode Three, and he has proposed to her. Horgan is great, all dry English wit they way I like them, and I was surprised to find Delaney to be quite effective as well, a perfect ‘straight man’ for all the comedic set ups. I know that the seasons have now racked up, and I am lustily anticipating my enjoyment of all of them.

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