Love In The Third Degree (Film Thoughts: Somos Tr3s/We Are Thr3e)

grOn the surface, one looks at ‘We are Thr3e’ as a film about a threesome. Indeed, Argentinian director Marcelo Briemm Stamm’s film is about three people who starts a relationship. But for me, the film really is about the fluidity not of gender, but of love. You just fall in love with the person, and that is shown vividly int his film. The trio of actors here (Juan Martin Martino, Florenicia Dragonetti, Carlos Etchevers) are very natural in their roles, and I like the way they presented the relationship in a very nonchalant way. And you think the film will end a certain way, but it is smarter than that. This is a very welcome watch.

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