I Wonder Who’s Smelling Donna Now (Perfume Thoughts: Donna, Valentino)

0064583-2I like pink, but I think we just have too many now of these “pink” fragrances.  And I do not mean the obvious pink juice – it is the overall pink aesthetic these perfumes have.  One look at Valentino’s ‘Donna,’ for example, and you can kind of predict how it would smell, and you would probably be right – this one is a candied floral, and in this case it is iris, but, really, it is akin to picking any random flower in your garden and cotton-candying it. And, really, this is the personality of the perfume. The candy coating is sweet, vanillic, and if hit with wrong temperature, can be headache inducing. There are notes int he press release of Donna that are barely there- rose and leather, for example, but on my skin it is non-existent. A good thing, int his sense, is that the sillage of the perfume is on the lower side, and the longevity average. Thi sis a middle of the road perfume at best, for me, but I bet it has its own fans out there in Sephoraland.

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