Line Em Up (Television Thoughts: The Chefs’ Line, Netflix)


I was at a friend’s house and we started watching the Australian cooking series ‘The Chef’s Line.’  We were just browsing through Netflix and found this (it is from 2017) and it was good. I mean, the main ‘hook’ of the show is competition between professional chefs versus just regular ‘home cooks.’  And it was interesting to see how the competition evolved. This particular season (the first one, I think) revolved around Vietnamese cuisine and they had the professionals from Dandelion, a famous Australian restaurant. While there is drama and interesting contestants here – these are the bread and butter for reality competition shows – I thought it was kind of unfair to have professional chefs cook something they do night after night versus these ‘home cooks’ who learn what they are cooking for the first time. Still, it was kind of engrossing.

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