Unbearable Lightness (Perfume Thoughts: La Cri de la lumiere, Parfum d’Empire)

o.51064I sometimes forget about Parfum d’Empire – they do these elegant perfumes but don’t get the mainstream love. But maybe that’s better. I recently discovered a sample I have had – it’s ‘Le Cri de la lumiere’ from their house.  And it’s quietly wonderful, with much emphasis on quiet.

Someone wise once told me, ‘the universe most times do not shout symbols to you, it most always whispers them.’ And I thought of that quote when I wore this scent. It is such a distinct and beautiful whisper, but you hear the message loud and clear.

‘Le cri de la lumiere’ has a wonderful floral heart of iris, rose, and ambrette. But it’s flanked by aldehydes not unlike a Chanel scent – this is not dissimilar to a face powder smell, but with a little more heft to it. It’s very abstract, and a bit hard to describe, but it certainly is beautiful. I imagine an Anna Wintour wearing this with great confidence. I like it, and want it now.

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